Page Level Keyword Usage

These features describe use of the keyword term/phrase in particular parts of the HTML code on the page (title element, H1s, alt attributes, etc.)

Rated on a scale of importance from 1 (No Importance) to 10 (Very Important)

Comments on Page Level Keyword Usage

Good on-page optimization is STILL important. It helps Google understand what the page is about. Google won't rank a page until it knows what the page is relevant for.

Christine Churchill

As Google becomes better at what it does, the reliance on tangible, on-page features seems to be disappearing as fast-if not faster-than link metrics.

Russ Jones

Keyword usage seems to have decreased a bit in importance, especially relative to brand importance. In many cases we have observed industry authority webpages with little keyword usage actually outweigh more informative, keyphrase-relevant pages, presumably on brand authority.

Abhilash Patel
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