Page Level Keyword-Agnostic Features

These elements describe non-keyword-usage, non-link-metrics features of individual pages (such as length of the page, load speed, etc.).

Rated on a scale of importance from 1 (No Importance) to 10 (Very Important)

Comments on Page Level Keyword-Agnostic Features

Many of these factors are intertwined. Does adding authorship markup boost your rankings? Or is it because the authorship markup added your smiling face to SERPs, which in turn drove a higher CTR? Another example is the length of content. Are you ranking because your content is long or because your long content contains extra synonyms that can't be squeezed into shorter content? Or maybe longer content keeps users on your site longer, which can reduce bounce rates? It is hard to isolate a single ranking factor, but to be honest, you don't need to be that precise. It's like baking a cake: It doesn't matter how much of one ingredient is in the recipe. It matters much more that the sum of the ingredients taste good.

Greg Niland

Structured data's importance varies greatly by vertical. If I could do one thing to help every webpage out there rank better these days, it would be to add a video.

Scott Smith

Approach your content from a conversion optimization point of view; that's how Google is doing it.

Ruud Hein
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